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Here is your guide for gmail login and common gmail login issues.

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Gmail login

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Gmail is a free, ad supported email service from Google. Gmail can be accessed via web or POP3/ IMAP. Gmail has come a long way since its launch in April 2004.

Some really helpful Gmail features

Gmail is personally my favorite email service. It has some superior search capabilities when compared to other email services.  There are some really helpful Gmail features that are virtually unknown to most people.

Most of these features should be enabled under “Settings” -> Labs

Gmail Offline

Gmail Offline is a useful feature is useful for people who are always on the move and don’t have internet access at all times. It lets you download a local copy of your Gmail account. You will then be able to open an internet browser and access old saved emails even if you are not connected to the internet. Any emails that you try to “send” will be sent when you connect to the internet.  In order to use Gmail in offline mode, download Gears.

Forgotten Attachment Detector

I have been embarrassed in the past whenever I have sent out emails without attachments when I had to. Enabling “forgotten attachment detector” under labs (Settings” -> Labs) can save you from sending another email with attachment.  This utility from Gmail labs will scan your outgoing emails for keywords and will prompt you by asking if you forgot to attach something.

Sending emails when you are angry – Undo Send feature

Here’s a feature that will give you some time to rethink emails composed in anger.  Note that this feature will not revoke emails that are already sent out. This feature will hold each email for five seconds before sending.  So, you’ll get an extra 5 seconds to think if you “really” want to send the email!

Wrong Recipient – Got the wrong Bob?

This feature saves data based on the groups of people you email often. It can detect whenever you accidentally include the wrong recipient. This feature can also suggest more email recipients based on your emailing trend.

e.g. If you mail Julia Smith & Kevin Johnson together, and after a few days if you mail Julia Smith & Kevin Smith it will point that out to you. It will also give you a change to correct it.

Mail Goggles

Mail Goggles feature can prevent you from sending unwanted mails to your ex or co-workers late at night. Mail Goggles asks you to complete few math problems (Simple ones) whenever you send out unusual late night emails.  This feature acts more like a check whenever you send emails in a state of being sober.

If you wish to modify any gmail settings, please visit

The following settings can be changed;-

- General
– Labels
– Accounts and Import
– Filters
– Forwarding and POP/IMAP
– Chat
– Web Clips
– Labs
– Inbox
– Offline
– Themes
– Buzz (You also have an option to disable it)

What’s new to GMAIL: -

-       Gmail is now integrated with Google Plus. This makes sharing photos and updates very easy with people you care about.

-       Gmail’s new theme is now clean and modern.

-       Gmail adds 38 languages to call phones.

-       New languages for Gmail are now available on both iPhone and Android.

-       The introduction of priority Inbox.

-       Gmail has now become “https” by default. This makes it even more secure.

-       You can now buy space from Gmail for photos and videos. 20 GB for $5 a year.

If you have a question on Gmail login, do leave a comment and we will try to answer it for you.


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  1. Dianne says:

    How do I change my gmail password?

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    how do I change my gmail password?

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    I am trying to access my wife’s g-mail account on my laptop for her , but can’t get away from my own auto login. What do I need to do to get to her account.?

  4. dave barry says:

    I have tried to reset my password and got message that it was successful but I still am not receiving emails, please help, I am also trying to receive emails fom this account on my iPhone and can’t get it to work, please help, very frustrated, I need this gmail account to, it is my work account, thank you

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    it is more than 2 days that i cant open my gmail i dont know why?

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    I have had my gmail account for some time. The last two days I have not been able to log in to it. Why not?

  7. Diane Sutch says:

    Please let me log into my gmail account

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    no longer can asses my mail, all log-in accounts are advertising accounts please asvise

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