20 Yahoo Answers questions that are HILARIOUS

Here’s a collection of funny Yahoo Answers Questions that would make you laugh. It is always good to start the day or end the day with a smile.

Question #1

Getting Pregnant

Question #2

VERY POPULAR Techno Song?? HELP!!! They play it in clubs and radio?

Question #3

Why Doesn’t The Earth Fall Down?

Question #4

What Is The Country Of Canada All About?

Question #5

How to get YouTube come film you?

Question #6

If A Woman Was To Eat A Lot Of Chocolate…?

Question #7

If you die,what happens to your Facebook?

Question #8

My credit card is stuck in my computer drive! help?!?

Question #9

What can you get in jail for by abusing personal computers?

Question #10

I think my washing machine is possessed. Is it possible to exorcise it?

Question #11

My wife beats me, how can I get away?

Question #12

How turn computer monitor into a mirror?

Question #13

How do I ask a question on Yahoo Answers?

Question #14

Will eating batteries give me super powers?

Question #15

Why does the word of God cost so much?

Question #16

How do you get abducted by Aliens?

Question #17

How you eat a Banana peel?

Question #18

Poll: How do I stop men from fighting over me?

Question #19

Is the human centipede a suitable movie for my 10 year old son.?

Question #20

Is it true that earth is flat?

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