eBay USA Security login tips

Here’s your guide to eBay USA tips and login. eBay USA (eBay.com) is one of the world’s largest online auction website.

To login to eBay USA, visit https://signin.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?SignIn&ru=http://www.ebay.com/

eBay USA

This page will forward you to the eBay login page. The login screen also has a link to retrieve forgotten user ID, and password. There is also a registration link if you are yet to signup.

eBay USA tips

Ensure that eBay SignIn page is on “https” and not “http” to protect your account. The following should appear when you click on the certificate information:

“eBay Inc. (signin.ebay.com)
The identity of eBay Inc. at San Jose, California US has been verified by VeriSign Class 3 Extended Validation SSL CA.”

1. Choose a strong password for eBay with a mix of lowercase, uppercase, numbers and any special characters.

2. Change ebay.com password regularly and never share this with anyone.

3. Never use the same password for email and eBay. If one account gets hacked, the other account will follow use.

4. Beware of phishing mails that pretend to come from eBay asking for you to login. Simple delete such emails.

5. Always type “ebay.com” by yourself on the Internet browser to use eBay USA. If you looking for other worldwide websites, there is a link at the bottom of eBay.com homepage.

Also ensure that you access eBay using the most latest version of the browser.

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