Facebook Login Approvals

Facebook has launched a new login system called ‘Facebook Login Approvals‘ that will make members to type a code (Which will be sent to their device). This has been done to prevent unauthorized access to Facebook accounts.

This adds an extra step to the already existing username and password verification process. With this code, users will not be able to login until they enter the code to authenticate the device.

Facebook Login Approvals is a security feature, especially on Facebook Login from unrecognized/ new computer. To activate “Facebook Login Approvals“, Go to “Account” (Top right) –> “Account Settings” –> “Account Security” and then check the Login Approval box.

After activation, a pop-up box will appear and you will receive a text message containing the code. Type the code into the pop-up box.

What’s the real use of this new system? Well, If a unauthorized person if trying to gain access to your Facebook account, Facebook Sends you a notification.

You must immediately change your password to protect your account from getting stolen. It’s also a good practice to change password regularly and avoid sharing the same with anyone. This will ensure a secure account.

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