Facebook Pays for watching some types of Ads

Facebook has launched a new program will give Facebook users a get a little financial benefit (Small incentives, 1 credit = 10 cents) by simply watching ads on Facebook.

The Facebook Credits that you earn can be used to purchase stuff on Deals. It appears like Facebook is increasingly becoming a P2V marketplace.

Facebook Ads currently have a terrible CTR (Click through rate) and it’s hoping this pay to view video will improve this CTR.
This is expected to appears in games such as CrowdStar, and all Zynga. Facebook currently allows its users to use Credits to buy stuff advertised in Deals. In the past, these credits could only be used on virtual items.

It’ll be interesting to watch how these ads work for Facebook. Pay per view ads programs have been around for more than 10 years. In the past, people who generally watch these ads are less like to purchase anything.

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