Facebook Virus

Facebook Virus/Spam are on the rise and I thought I will write a post about the same going by the number of my friend’s cribbing about the same.

Tips to protect yourself from this kind of Facebook Scam

* Always think twice before clicking on any links on Facebook or Allowing permission to Facebook Apps. This is true on links that are shown in your newsfeed. Offlate, Facebook Spam is spreading more easily visa

* Change your Facebook Security settings to restrict who can send you FB Messages. You can limit it to “Friend Only” or “Friends of friends“.

Summary of a Facebook Virus that have been active for a couple of days. You will get to see this on your facebook wall and it will be posted by a friend of yours (Not intentionally of course).

OMG! Its unbelievable now you can get to know who views your facebook.

The other recent virus was the Ransomware virus that spread rapidly. Also, Facebook dislike button is a scam. Clicking on such links will make your friends dislike you.

Never click on such Facebook virus spams. Clicking on this would trigger automatic wall post with the same message and your friend’s won’t be very happy about it. Recently, an Innocent high school girl becomes one of the most hated person after her name got attached to a Facebook virus.

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