Google Plus Login

Here is your guide to Google plus login and how to get an Invite.

If you already have a Google Plus account,  visit for Google plus login.

Google plus login

To login to Google Plus, you have to simply sign in with your Google account.

Google Plus makes sharing on the web to Family, Classmates, Colleagues, and Best Friends circles so much easier.

If you have forgotten your Google account password, simply visit

Forgot Google Password

For the features of Google Plus, Please visit

How to get your Google Plus Invite?

Google Plus invites are in demand as it’s still new and is currently in beta testing mode. As more and more people signup for Google Plus and with time it will be open for all just like Facebook.

If your friend is on Google Plus, check with them if their “Invite Function” is enabled. The invite function lets them send out invitations to friends.

Alternatively, you can fill Google’s Form:

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