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It’s only a couple of days since Google Plus went live and it’s already creating a lot of excitement. Google has been working on this secret project for sometime now. The registration is currently limited to invite only.

My friend was kind enough to send me an invite and I was able to try my hands with the new Social networking website that is here to rival Facebook. The initial review that I have read sounds promising and a lot fun compared to Google’s previous attempts on Social network. Facebook currently has over 700 million users and we believe that Google will come up with better ways to manage privacy better than all its rivals in this space. Unlike Facebook and Twitter.

You won’t be overloading with news feeds. You can simple select to read feeds from certain circles.

Official Website:

The service will be initially introduced with limited services and many will get added with time. In Google Plus there is something called as Circles where you can create many groups and add friends – Friends, Acquaintances, Family, Work, and you get to create any custom groups.

Adding friends to groups is really easy. Unlike Facebook, you don’t have to share everything with everyone. There are obviously a few things that you want to keep away from your boss. It’s called Google+ as they believe that it’s an extension of Google itself.

Like I mentioned before, adding friends to Google+ is really simple. You’ll just have to drag and drop your recommended friend’s (Based on Gmail contacts and other contacts) into Circles. The user interface is simple yet very intuitive.


Sparks is Google’s sharing search engine search box. Enter any interest that you may have and Google will in fact find something that you are likely to care about. If you find something interesting, you can add it to your interests.

Google+ Mobile app is first going to come to Android devices before iPhone and other mobile devices.

Huddle – Group messaging app for people within certain circles.
Hangouts – It’s your space for video chat with a group of friends. You can add up to 10 people for Video chat.

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