How do I Quit Facebook?

Most of us joined facebook to keep in touch with friends from School, college, and work. With time, many of us get addicted to facebook.  If you can’t live life without think about facebook every single day, you are probably addicted too. This article provides a few tips to get rid of facebook addiction.

Here is a list of things you could do:

1. Give some serious thought into why you joined facebook. Make list of tasks you want to do from facebook, such as wishing your friend’s on their birthday, uploading travel photos, replying to comments if any, etc. Don’t just go into facebook and look for things to pass time.

2. Change your facebook account settings to ensure that you are not notified by email often.

3. Accept the fact that you are addicted to facebook. Ask yourself the list of things you have achieved on Facebook. Make a note of things you do on facebook for a week. Sit down and analyze your facebook usage habit and things you can change to reduce the time you spend on facebook.

4. Delete friends that you don’t need to be in touch with.

5. Set time for each activity on a weekly basic. I have included a sample an below:

  • Maximum weekly time on Facebook – 3.5 hours
  • Finding New friends (Once a week) – 20 minutes
  • Replying to comments in your fb group (Twice a week) – 50 Minutes
  • Staying in touch with friends, check updates, update status (Daily) – 140 Minutes

6. Make a list of alternate things you could do:

* Get a gf/bf, Spend quality time with real people in your life, volunteering, learn a foreign language, etc

7. Set aside a time slot within a day when you will access facebook. Do not access facebook outside this time slot.

8. You can have an option to disable fb account temporarily. Read More:

9. Remove facebook app from your mobile phone (This really helps).

10. Communicate with your friend’s via email and other methods of communication.

11. Stay away from your PC and Laptop as much as possible.

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