Protect your Facebook account from hackers

Facebook currently has over 700 million users worldwide and it’s growing with each passing day. It is possible for bad individuals to gain access to your Facebook account without your knowledge by obtaining your username and password. 

Once they have access to your account, they can access your personal information and the information of your friends.

Setting up Facebook login security notifications will help you know when your Facebook account is accessed inappropriately.

Follow these simple steps to Enable Facebook Login Security Notifications:

Login to (Facbeook Login Help). Enter your email and password, click on login.

2. On top right hand top corner, Click on the top right drop down -> “Account Settings“.

Protect Facebook from Hackers

3. Select “Security” link from the left hand menu.

Facebook Security

4. Under login notifications, Select “Email” under “When a new computer or mobile device logs into this account” and click on save.

Facebook Login Notifications

5. Go to (top right) drop down and click on logout.

6. Login to again. Enter your email and password, click on login.

7. Enter a name for the computer you are using to access Facebook. E.g. Home PC, Home Laptop, Office PC, etc. Also tick “Don’t ask me again from this computer“.  Click on “Continue“.

8. Login to your email you used to sign up for Facebook. You should get an email from Facebook stating, “A new device named ‘-‘ was added to your Facebook account (<Time>).”

All done! You have now successfully protected your account.

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