Revert to the old Facebook – Steps

Hate the new Facebook? Here you will find the steps to revert back to the old Facebook, at least for now.

Ever since Google Plus was launched in July, Facebook has been in a panic mode trying to catch-up with new Features and make numerous updates to its Features. We understand that adapting to new features can be quite a stressful task, you should eventually get used to it.

If you are sure that you will never like the new features, fortunately there is currently a way out to revert back to the old profile.

Here are the steps for the same:

1. Login to Facebook. Facebook Login Steps.
2. Click on the dropdown on Top right and select “Account Settings“.

Revert to the old Facebook

3. Click on “Edit” on language. Select “English Upside Down” and save the changes. Enjoy the old version of Facebook.

Please note that this will work only till Facebook does not updates changes to other language settings.

If all else fails, here’s the Big Google to the rescue. Have you tried Google Plus yet?

For more details, read Google Plus Login post.

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