Some Cool Facebook Facts

Here are some cool Facebook Facts that you may not heard:

1. Nearly half of all active Facebook Users have swear words on their Facebook Profile.

2. Around 50% of people who were in a relationship look at their ex’s Facebook profile very often.

3. One in every 3 parents becomes friends with their Kid on Facebook.

4. Nearly 1/4th of the users don’t even know to use Privacy settings and some profile photos are public.

5. Over 75% of women on FB often get annoyed as a result of their Facebook friend’s.

6. 1 in every 5 breakups/ending relationships happens through Facebook.

7. People who are in Facebook Relationships are happier that people who are single.

8. Overall, Girls get more replies for status updates from friend’s compared to Guys.

9. Usually when you message someone or receive message from someone. Once the blue ticks shown the message is no longer available to delete. The receiver can see your message then. This results in a lot of issues for young youth.

10. If you’re blocked by someone on Facebook, remember you can always see their profile username. Then you can use another Facebook ID to stalk their profiles and other activities.

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