The New Gmail Updates

Google has made a couple of Gmail updates recently and here’s a list of some of them. We personally love the new Gmail Updates and do let us know what you think of the new updates. I am sure many of you will get used to the updates in no time.

The New Gmail Updates

1. If you are still on the old Gmail Interface, you will see a “Switch to the new look” at the right bottom of your screen. You will get into the new look by clicking on that link. They have made it even more customize able based on user feedback. There are no major changes to features. Its more to do with the layout changes.

2. The search engine leader has now included an advanced “Search box“. You can also filter mails while searching. Here’s a screenshot of the same.

Gmail Search

3. Gmail will resize itself when you resize your browser. This is extremely handy when you working with multiple applications at the same time. This will also be useful with different screen sizes.

4. In conversations with the email, the photo of the sender is displayed whenever available.

5. You now get to adjust the size of the chat section to suit you. There is also an option to completely hide the chat window.

6. There has been a big improvement to conversation threads. It is now much more visible and easy to follow than before.

7. Themes are looking even better with HD quality. You can change your theme from the “Settings” menu.

8. Gmail automatically labels the importance of the mail depending on the subject line. For instance, my hotel itinerary and flight bookings were marked as “Important“. If you don’t want Gmail to do this for you, you will be able to change these settings as well.

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