Why do some Facebook Accounts get disabled? Be informed!

Although the percentage of facebook accounts that get disabled daily out of over 500 million users are not that significant, it’s good to have an understanding of why facebook accounts get disabled. My facebook account was disabled last year for a couple of weeks. Facebook isn’t life for me, yet that’s how I connect with most of my friends overseas and people I meet when I travel. I was left clueless for a couple of days. The first thing you’ll notice is that your Facebook login will be unsuccessful.

Facebook is increasing becoming an integral part of our lives. Facebook now offers a platform where users get to send messages (with Facebook email coming soon), play some addictive facebook games, without having to look out for games elsewhere and a lot more.  Facebook is all good as long as you have no issues with your account. The real problem starts when your account gets disabled for whatever reason. Their team for handling “Disabled account appeals” is understaffed and responses for your emails can easily take weeks.

When a user account gets automatically disabled by Facebook, you would see an error message like this when you try to login:

What happens when your account is disabled?

  • Your profile will no longer be visible on facebook.
  • Your id will be removed from your entire friend’s list. They might think that you were angry at them.
  • All the facebook photos that you have uploaded and tagged on disappear.
  • It can also cause a little confusion among your common friend’s if you have updated relationship status on facebook.
  • There will be no way to get a list of your facebook friend’s. Even if you decide to create a new facebook account with a new email account, there is no way you’ll be able to recollect the names of all your friends.

Some of the  top reasons why facebook accounts may get disabled:

  • Posting too many messages in a wall.
  • Posting messages too often than usual in the groups you are part of.
  • Joining more than 150 facebook groups.
  • You become friend’s with many people in Facebook (> 5000 friends).
  • Using fake name on Facebook. Always use your real name.
  • Creating duplicate accounts with the same name on facebook. Don’t create more than one facebook account.
  • Misuse of “Poke” button. Poking too many people, too often.
  • Writing offensive content or uploading photos that violate facebook terms and conditions.
  • Misuse of the import email feature. Importing hundreds of email account from all your email accounts in the matter of hours into facebook.
  • Using too much of certain kinds of facebook apps that uses a lot of facebook server’s CPU time.
  • Sending too many friend requests to people you don’t know (Not more than 15 friend requests on any given day). You’ll be hit by a warning message show below:
  • Using the same friend request messages that you include in the note too many times.
  • Sending event invites too many times.
  • Taking content off facebook by writing a script. I have read stories of facebook accounts getting disabled whenever people write scripts to import their friend’s list or take content off facebook.
  • Abusing people you don’t know.
  • Lastly, you may be disabled for no known reasons. Just warning you.

How to appeal when facebook account is disabled?

  • Login to the email account that you used while signing up with facebook.
  • Compose a new mail with the following in the subject line “Disabled APPEAL for <full name>”.
  • Add the following email id’s in the “To” field: disabled@facebook.com, appeals@facebook.com, info@facebook.com.
  • In the body of the email, explain your situation. Tell them how much facebook means to you. Don’t lie to facebook. They will have logs of all that you have done. Tell them what you would do different if your account is re-instated to prevent the same from happening.
  • After you send the email, you’ll have to patiently wait for days. Do not send the same email multiple times.
      Have you faced a similar situation or know friend’s who have gone through it? Do share your views.

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