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Here are some interesting features and upgrades put into www.facebook.com, in 2018. There were so many Facebook upgrades this year that gave a tough competition to its competitors.

These changes have helped Facebook become more secure and now they have many ways of making more money.

Here are the top 6 upgrades to www.facebook.com in 2018.


Facebook Subscribe

This feature has given twitter a run for its money. This is a great feature for celebrities and singers. This is also a great feature to hear from people who are not necessarily your friends. You will be able to read they public status updates.

You can limit these updates to “All updates“, “Most Updates“, and “Most Important“. By default you will be automatically subscribed to your friends. You also have an option to delete a subscriber. You can disable this option if you don’t want any strangers following you.

Improved Privacy Controls

The privacy features are more visible to everyone. It is now easy to find that ever. You can actually control pretty much everything that is shown as a part of your profile on Facebook. You can change your privacy settings here: https://facebook.com/settings/?tab=privacy

Facebook’s Negative Feedback System

Page administrators will be able to track this metrics. This is basically applied when people hide posts or give a negative in news feed.

Facebook Login with Improved Security Features (with login approvals).

To read the new security measures, head to Facebook Login help page.

Facebook Timeline

Now your Facebook profile tells the story in a brand new way. There will be a timeline displayed on the right had side of your profile right from that day you were born to the current year. You get to add a background image and a host of other options.

Right hand Ticker

These are real time updates from your friends. This appears on top right of the page.

If you have any questions on www.facebook.com features, do leave a comment.

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